This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) is applicable for the website run and maintained by Yavuz Uyanık Law Office (“Yavuz Uyanık”) and describes principles regarding the use of cookies.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small data pieces stored in devices (computers, smart phones, tablet PCs etc.) to ensure the smooth operation of a website, improve user experience, and develop and optimize the web site.

What kind of cookies do we store in your devices and for what purposes do we use them?

Cookie Type Cookie’s Functions
Persistent Cookies
  • These cookies are those ones that are stored in the hard disc of your device for a long time.
Mandatory Cookies
  • These cookies allow for the smooth operation of the website and permit users to surf on the website and make use of its features. Mandatory cookies are anonymous ones. For a cookie to be called a “mandatory cookie”, its use should be mandatory for provision of a service given on a web site. In other words, if a targeted function in a web site cannot be provided without the use of some cookies, such cookies are mandatory cookies. Data collected by these cookies may not be used for advertising purposes.
  • Mandatory cookies are required for the proper performance of the web site and they are not subject to the consent of the user. Therefore, no consent shall be sought from the user for the use of mandatory cookies on a web site.
  • In case mandatory cookies are deactivated from the browser settings, all or certain parts of the website may not function.

Performance Cookies
  • These cookies help us compile analyses to improve the performance and functionality of our web site. These analyses include measurements about the popularity of a page, common functions that would allow visitors surf on the web site, how frequently a specific feature is used, whether the web site duly functions or identification of the errors received. Data collected by these cookies may not be used for marketing purposes, nor may they be disclosed to third parties.
Functionality Cookies
  • These are anonymous cookies that help Yavuz Uyanık recall the characteristics and preferences of visitors. Based on these data, our website may display such contents specific to the relevant visitor in line with the collected data, and help us recall the language choice or a font size used when reading a text. Unless a consent is given to the use of such cookies, certain parts of our website may not be available for use, or the level of support it may provide may drop, or may cause our website not to be able to recall your preferences, to use or display a feature exclusive to you.
Target or Ad Cookies
  • This kind of cookies are used for certain purposes such as displaying relevant and personalized ads, limiting the number of displayed ads, measuring the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and recalling visiting preferences. They are usually stored by advertising networks upon the consent of the website operator.
First Party Cookies
  • These cookies are hidden and sent between Yavuz Uyanık’s servers and your computer’s hard disc. These cookies may be session cookies or persistent cookies.
Third Party Cookies
  • These cookies are cookies defined by other organizations that we use for different services and they are hidden and sent as between the third party server and your computer’s hard disc.
  • Yavuz Uyanık uses Google Analytics which is a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies to analyse by means of statistical data/reports how users use the website. For more information about the use of Google Analytics (including rejection options), you may visit the following link:

We do not use data that we collect through cookies to identify your identity. Cookies may not be used for purposes other than those ones set out herein.

How do I check cookies?

Many Internet browsers are set in a way to automatically accept cookies. However, a large majority of Internet browsers also provide you with certain setting options, such as blocking cookies or warning you before they are stored in your computer.

You may delete and/or block cookies at any time you wish. You may delete cookies that are already stored in your computer and may set your Internet browser in a manner to block cookies.

By using the “Help” function in your browser, you may find where these settings are located. In case you set your browser to blocking cookies, you are required to re-type all your details/info every time you visit our website, and some parts of the website may not function properly.

Contact us

This web site wishes to use cookies to improve the web site and your experience. If you continue to surf on the web site, you will have consented to the use of cookies. If you need further information and/or do not wish cookies to be stored, you may contact us by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address below.

E mail: info@yavuz-uyanik.av.tr